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Co-creating sustainable shifts from isolated burnout to equitable communities of care.

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Traditional Professional Development

An Irresponsible Investment

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Teacher Turnover Crisis

25% Teacher Turnover (DCPS/DC Charter)
$20,000 per new hire (est.)
$7.3 Billion spent each year on new hires in the US

Connecting with scholars has become much easier. Practicing mindfulness with scholars allowed us to start every class peacefully.

3rd Grade Math Teacher

Being patient and not so hard on myself when I’m stressed, and feeling comfortable reaching out when I am feeling overwhelmed!

Preschool Paraprofessional

Participating in teacher wellness activities this year helped me to give myself permission to take care of ME a bit more—in and out of school. In the past I felt too much guilt in putting myself first, even when I really needed to!

Special Education Teacher

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