A Time For Teachers

Cultivating joy, resiliency, and sustainability in service of teacher and student well-being

Traditional Professional Development

An Irresponsible Investment

$ 0
avg. PD cost per teacher
0 %
avg. PD efficacy rate

Teacher Turnover Crisis

25% Teacher Turnover (DCPS/DC Charter)
$20,000 per new hire (est.)
$7.3 Billion spent each year on new hires in the US

Program Options

Option #1: Prime

* Hour long PD for whole staff or leadership teams

Option #2: Train

* 8 hour course which can be split into two sessions

Option #3: Transform

Investing in Teacher Wellness

  • Connecting with scholars has become much easier. Practicing mindfulness with scholars allowed us to start every class peacefully.

    3rd Grade Math Teacher
  • Being patient and not so hard on myself when I’m stressed, and feeling comfortable reaching out when I am feeling overwhelmed!

    Preschool Paraprofessional
  • Participating in teacher wellness activities this year helped me to give myself permission to take care of ME a bit more—in and out of school. In the past I felt too much guilt in putting myself first, even when I really needed to!

    Special Education Teacher

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