Leadership Development

The greatest leaderships don’t create followers, they create innovators”

Toko-Pa Turner

Leadership Development

There are many programs aimed at teaching students social-emotional awareness, however so little has been done to help the educators charged with teaching these skills their own sense of well-being. Leadership training gives Principals the space to care for themselves, while shifting school-wide practices and cultures that create sustainability and joy.

“I have given Grizzy grief all year about the tools she has taught us during Wellness sessions. I always said, “I don’t think this stuff is working on me!” Despite this, I have learned to accept things I can not change. I’ve learned how to reflect on positive experiences in my life and bring them to the forefront before I become overwhelmed. I have learned how to take time for myself without regrets.”

Pre-school Teacher

Work like this has helped me to be more present in the moment while teaching and to engage from a place of empathy when working with the children rather than simply reacting to their actions. It is work like this that will save the teaching profession and create teachers that are more equipped to face the challenges of teaching today. Happier, healthier teachers = happier, healthier students.

Pre-K Teacher

Leadership Development

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