Leaving Behind Isolation for Communities of Care

Creating Space for Joy, Resilience, and Sustainability in the Lives of Educators

11:11 Wellness co-creates authentic virtual circles with the troublemakers and weirdos who believe in a more just world. In this space, we support individuals and organizations who are exhausted by isolation and are ready to receive support through equitable communities of care.

Space for Staff

Tiered support for schools and school facing organizations to leave behind burnout for equitable community care.


Let's Talk about Race

A supportive virtual community for white/white presenting people who are ready for a body-based awareness of race on their journey of co-conspiratorship.
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Coming Home Community

A virtual community for entrepreneurs who believe in a more just world.

*Coming Soon!

The Wellness work has helped normalize the idea that feeling so stressed and emotionally challenged is normal and to be expected.

4th Grade Reading Teacher

Work like this has helped me to be more present in the moment while teaching and to engage from a place of empathy when working with the children rather than simply reacting to their actions. It is work like this that will save the teaching profession and create teachers that are more equipped to face the challenges of teaching today. Happier, healthier teachers = happier, healthier students.

Pre-K Teacher