Leaving Behind Isolation for Communities of Care

Creating Space for Success and Joy in the Lives of Educators & Students

11:11 Wellness offers radical care and support to school staff, students, and their caregivevers.

Space for Staff

Customized well-being support for school communities ready to step away from burnout and walk forward toward radical care for staff.

Left of Center

Personalized Success Coaching and Consulting for neurodivergent teens and their support systems to thrive!

The Wellness work has helped normalize the idea that feeling so stressed and emotionally challenged is normal and to be expected.

4th Grade Reading Teacher

Work like this has helped me to be more present in the moment while teaching and to engage from a place of empathy when working with the children rather than simply reacting to their actions. It is work like this that will save the teaching profession and create teachers that are more equipped to face the challenges of teaching today. Happier, healthier teachers = happier, healthier students.

Pre-K Teacher

“In thinking about the work you do with CM the world needs more people like you. I appreciate you and the changes you are making in the world with your courage, love and passion!”

Parent of Teen

“Wow – I was so impressed by this space and felt so welcomed by the people in it. THANK YOU for creating this space. I definitely will be returning and want others I know to join as well.”

Staff Particpant

“I want to give people the space to make their own wellness decisions and not assuming.”

School Administrator