Turning Wishes into Well-being

Creating Space for Joy, Resilience, and Sustainability in the Lives of Educators

11:11 is a community driven collective, created through the lens of an educator, to offset the effects of secondary traumatic stress in schools.

  • The Wellness work has helped normalize the idea that feeling so stressed and emotionally challenged is normal and to be expected.

    4th Grade Reading Teacher
  • Work like this has helped me to be more present in the moment while teaching and to engage from a place of empathy when working with the children rather than simply reacting to their actions. It is work like this that will save the teaching profession and create teachers that are more equipped to face the challenges of teaching today. Happier, healthier teachers = happier, healthier students.

    Pre-K Teacher

A Time For Teachers

The heart and soul of 11:11! The Time for Teachers program creates small group collaboratives within schools for educators to use their voice to drive the wellness work created to support them.


The Privilege Project

Wondering how white privilege, the school to prison pipeline, and burnout all connect? The Privilege Project trains white identifying educators to unpack privilege, confront issues of racial inequity in their schools, and create care plans to prevent burnout. 

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Leadership Development

In order for teachers to care for themselves, space must be created within the confines of the taxing school day expectations. 11:11’s leadership coaching connects with leaders to care for themselves, while establishing the systems and routines that allow staff care to remain sustainable!

Who is 11:11 Wellness?

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11:11 is the innovator in creating space for school based staff to drive sustainable culture shift towards wellness 

Emily is an “in the trenches” change agent, with a nearly a decade of teaching experience.  She empowers individuals to find their unique truth in service to their given community.  Rooted in the values of love, the essence of humanity, and purposed destiny, her empathetic intuition informs her advocacy for the development of holistic well-being in schools.